Is This $70,000 Luxury Jeep Wrangler A Better Buy Than A Range Rover?

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Ultra-premium outdoorsy clothier Filson sells a beautiful version of the AEV Brute Jeep Wrangler pickup for $130,000. Now they've added a regular-Wrangler to their lineup. Still steep at $70,000, but a pretty enticing prospect as an analog Range Rover alternative.


The Filson Wrangler has all the Jeep's inherent off-road ability plus a lift, all kinds of armor, AEV wheels, mud-terrain tires, Warn winch, and optional 5.7 or 6.4 HEMI V8 engines. Yes, some lovely Filson leather luggage is also included in your purchase.

Like the Filson Double-Cab, the real stars of this Wrangler build are the incredible two-tone leather seats and rugged-twill interior panels. You get the same kind of hunting-lodge swagger a Range Rover provides, with all the real primitive charms of a Wrangler. Plus, presumably, a manual transmission option.


Basically take the idea of a Range Rover, scale back the blueblood vibe, add a little "lumbersexual," and you've got the luxury-4x4 alternative of Nick Offerman's dreams.

We've been told Filson sells "a couple of their Double-Cab Jeeps a month." Think people will start going for this over other luxury trucks now that you can save $60,000 by forgoing the pickup bed?


Images: Filson

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