Is This 308 MPH Jet Dragster The Coolest Mustang On Sale Today?

What happens when you take a salvaged US Navy jet engine out of a Banshee fighter jet and stuff it into a '67 Mustang fastback? You get "The Krispy Kritter," and it's for sale!

Yes, somebody put a vintage 1960s drag Mustang with a jet engine so big it takes up over half of the length of the car on Craigslist.


The car was built by Ted Trischler near the Heinz plant in Pittsburgh. Bought new as a body-in-white '67 fastback, Ted cut through the middle to make room for the Westinghouse J34 jet engine. The front axle came from a '39 Plymouth, the brakes from a '58 Buick, the shocks are aircraft struts, and the chute and throttle controls were designed for a Starcraft boat.

All of this information was put up by Pittsburgh car show Open Throttle 360 on one of their recent episodes.


They admit that there isn't much reliable information about the car's on-track performance, but the last time The Krispy Kritter was up on Craigslist, the owner claimed the car had hit 308 miles an hour.


No price was listed on the current Craigslist listing, but when it went up for sale late last year the price was $30,000.


I can't think of a single cooler Mustang for sale right now anywhere in the world. A jet engine/vintage racer combo is pretty much impossible to beat.

You can see the whole Craigslist ad right here when it gets taken down.

Photo Credits: Craigslist

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