The only way I can think of to cram more X Games into this picture is to redecorate Nelson Piquet Jr.’s car in neon, have someone jump it on a bike, and add a few more GoPros for good measure. Prepare your face for all things extreme!!!—the X Games are coming this weekend.

Here’s the mega-sweet neon car of rad dude Austin Dyne. It’s lacking the longboard hatch prop, however, this disparity in awesomeness could be easily made up by Ken Block walking over and crushing an empty can of Monster on his forehead.

He’s here, too. In fact, many of the Red Bull Global Rallycross competitors are here for a one-off Rally Car feature race, which should be amusing as always. This year, the course is bigger and better, complete with a cross-over jump that allows cars to jump over another part of the course itself.


Look at Liam Doran’s Citroën, though. It’s a Citroën. We don’t get those here. This gets bonus points by sheer merit of being a Citroën.


Carbon fiber everything? Well, at least the wrap is carbon fiber print. That’s pretty extreme. It works.

Lest we think the Volkswagen Beetle isn’t eXtReMe enough, Scott Speed’s car is advertising Shark Week. The Shark Week.


They certainly brought enough spare body panels for it, that’s for sure.

The X Games’ Rally Car race itself starts at 1 PM on Saturday.

Clarification: That is Nelson Piquet Jr.’s car with the longboard, however, he’s not driving it this weekend since Formula E is in Moscow. Andreas Bakkerud has taken his place in the X Games one-off race.


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