Is The World A Better Place Knowing The Identity Of The Stig?

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Think about it. Look outside. Is it sunnier out than it was in 2009? Is your life better than it was before you knew the identity of the Stig?


We knew that Ben Collins was the Stig as early as 2009, and the dust settled in 2010 when everything was confirmed. Sure we learned the name of the man behind the mask, but we lost some of our innocence. Was it worth it? Did we ever even want to know?


As we got on another maybe-false lead to the identity of the hoons at TaxTheRich, TheBaron2112 wondered if we ever wanted to unmask their Stig, so to speak.

You know what, I don't think we need to know who these magnificant hoons are. It's like The Stig. He does amazing things for our amusement. He is just a driver. The story and the hooning is about the cars and the cars alone. If someone decides they want to hoon an F50 or an EB110 or a Phantom, so be it. It's amazing because no one else does it. They deserve no special praise. It's just the cars being hooned that we want to see. Who cares who's behind the wheel? So long as they are well skilled hoons, it doesn't matter if it's a rally driver or Mickey Mouse.

The joke is that even though we found out that Collins was the Stig, Top Gear gave us a new Stig and everyone agreed to not care who it is or was or what planet it was from. The visor stayed down after the whole thing settled. We have collectively agreed to forget the heartache of the reveal and go on like nothing happened.

Photo Credit: Top Gear

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We all know who the real Stig is.