Is The Toyobaru As Awesome As A Used Porsche Cayman S?

Of course, you know by now the Toyobaru/Scion FR-S is the second coming of every svelte speeder that ever slew a sports-car circuit sideways on a Sunday. You know that because, well, it is. But how does it fare on the goosepimples-per-dollar scale?

Can that product of Toyota and Subaru match the thrills of two major cost rivals: a rear-drive sports coupe with more horsepower, like the Nissan 370Z, or perhaps the best handling, best steering German coupe for (just a bit more of) the money, a used Porsche Cayman S?


Chris Harris tried out all three. Which made the Harris grade on his Welsh countryside test "circuit?" No spoilers.

UPDATE: Yes, we noticed that he was talking about Michelle Pfieffer like she was Minka Kelly and called him on it. Here's the exchange:

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