Is The Porsche Boxster S Better Than Ever With A Turbo Flat Four?

Betteridge’s Law of Headlines would say the answer to that headline is “no.” But with the Porsche Boxster becoming the new 718 Boxster and getting a more powerful turbocharged flat four to replace its old naturally-aspirated flat six, the answer could be “maybe” this time.

The old Boxster was often unfairly dismissed as a “hairdresser’s car” even though it was really a brilliant sports car, one of the best on the market. Now it’s more powerful, up 34 more horsepower and 55 lb-ft of torque to 350 HP and 309 lb-ft. Not bad at all.

But as Carfection notes, that power bump comes at the expense of two cylinders. Even though we get a turbo in the exchange. It’s all about give and take with Porsche, isn’t it?


This video runs us through all the changes between the old Boxster and this yellow PDK-equipped 718 Boxster S, which takes its name from a famed racing car from the late 1950s and early 1960s. And even though they got some less-than-ideal Boxster weather in Portugal, the Carfection team still put the roadster through its paces properly.

The highlight for me comes around the 3:06 mark, where we really get to hear how visceral and growly that 2.5-liter, 350 HP turbo flat four really is. Plus, the chassis and steering are much improved on this model too.

Is it better? I hope to find out myself later this year, but while I’ll miss wringing out the old flat six, I’m not minding the changes I see so far.

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Still don’t get where the, “Less number of cylinders a car has, the less good it is,” came from.