Is The Orange McLaren 650S In Silicon Valley Really A Special Color?

Last night on HBO’s very funny show about Silicon Valley dipshits, Silicon Valley, they introduced a whole new kind of dipshit, and this fascinating one at least has the balls to drive something other than a Prius. It’s a McLaren 650S, and on the show they claim the color is a one-off. Is it?

Um, no.

Here’s what the character, Russ Hanneman, a brash, douchey, sort-of-Mark-Cuban-type of tech billionaire, says about his very orange McLaren:

“They don’t make it in this color. They did it just for me.”

Silicon Valley is known for being oddly accurate about many details, so I figured it was worth confirming if, somehow, they repainted a McLaren 650S in a different color than what they normally come in just for the show. I knew McLaren has their own signature orange, but this car wasn’t quite that.


It was, however, quite Tarocco Orange, which is, yes, a stock color.

It’s so stock, I think our very own Travis drove one. In the rain.


That’s probably good news for Hanneman, who manages to scratch the paint in his first scene with a rivet from his very expensive and heavily ornamented jeans. So at least it’ll be easy to touch up, being a stock color and all.

Really, it just makes that character even better if he thinks he has a custom McLaren color and doesn’t. Somehow, that just makes it all more perfect.


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