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Is The New Ford Mustang Better Than A BMW M3?

Illustration for article titled Is The New Ford Mustang Better Than A BMW M3?

Odd question to ask, right? But judging by the numbers, yes. Is that all there is to it?


In reality? Probably not, but then, "better" is relative. It's here that we'd caution you to remember the traditional line about apples, oranges, and comparisons. Both the 2011 Ford Mustang GT and the current BMW M3 offer staggering performance, V-8 power, and rear-wheel drive. One is a pedigreed European sport sedan, the other a charmingly raw piece of traditional American muscle. As to which one we like better, well, that depends on the day, our mood, the road, and how much diner food/schnitzel we had that morning. Different cars, different purposes, both awesome for entirely different reasons.

Still, aren't those numbers nuts? Progress rules.

[Motor Trend and again here, via The Car Lounge]

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Jonathan Harper

Those numbers looks real similar.

What wouldn't be real similar is the experience one would have in each of these machines.