Is The Mid-Engine Corvette Actually Just An Old Lamborghini?

2003 Lamborghini Gallardo

New spy shots of the famed and elusive “Mid-Engine” C8 Corvette popped up today, but maybe it’s actually just an old Lamborghini Gallardo?

Jalopnik skipped out on buying the spy photos because, honestly, we were pretty skeptical. But looking at the photos further, whatever is wrapped up looks a helluva lot like an early Lamborghini Gallardo.


Head over to AutoGuide to see the spy shots, but come right back! Because:

Does that not look pretty damn close to whatever that thing in those spy shots is? That long, sweeping line that cuts along the body back to the taillights is very Corvette, but it’s also near-identical to the Gallardo. The front of the car and its curve around the front wheel also looks, again, near-identical to a Gallardo. Are we sure this isn’t a Gallardo?

Let’s see if I can try and get them closer:


Hmm. So that is a later model, hence the extended overhangs, which I concede are definitely larger than the vehicle in question. But that’s the one I found in white.

So, do I think GM just gussied up an old Lambo to throw us through a loop? Nah, but did they really pen a design for the big, important mid-engine C8 Corvette that looks like a music video from 2003?


Hope not! But then again, maybe all those youth buyers the Corvette needs will remember the Gallardo and gladly accept this American imitation.

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