The Mazda MX-5 is a car that, in some circles — including this one — has reached sainted status. it's the mother-car, the "answer to every Question of the Day," as some say, the only pure sports car for the middle class built in the past two decades. Or so you might believe.

And yet, Chris Harris is not on board. He's called the MX-5 "pants," which in the UK is like saying one's mother frequents truck-stop bathrooms in a halter top.

It seems I am alone in being completely ambivalent as to the existence of the Mazda MX-5. Apparently the 900,000th example has just rolled out of Hiroshima, which means there will be yet more public outpourings of emotion for a machine which drives with all the precision of a boneless limb.

Truth be told, I think MX-5s are, well, sh*t .

And so, in the latest episode of Chris Harris on Cars, he revisits the Maz, swapping his Ferrari 599 with cameraman and editor Neil Carey's own MX-5. Will he recant, or will he double-down on the critique? Let's watch and see.


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