Is The Golf R Faster Than The Way More Expensive Audi RS3?

The Volkswagen Golf R is not only much cheaper than an Audi RS3, but also down on power by a significant margin. Could it still be a faster car? Evo went to the track to find out.

Price-wise, the 292 horsepower Golf R competes with the Audi S3, but since it’s so much faster than that hatchback, Evo had to compare it to the 367 HP Audi RS3.


That Audi has 75 horses more, but also carries a few extra pounds as well as a much nicer interior and a very different all-wheel drive system.

But despite the Quattro’s ability to send all the five-cylinder’s power to the rear wheels, it turns out the fastest compact Audi still understeers more, has brakes that can’t take the heat and with a lazier steering and gearbox than the Golf’s, it just can’t keep up with its supposedly lesser sibling despite all that juice.

Good thing your money goes to the same place no matter which one you choose.

Photo credit: Evo

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