Is The 2017 Mazda Miata RF A Spectacular Idea Or A Giant Mistake?

Photo credit Jared Auslander/Jalopnik

Of all the cars revealed at the New York Auto Show, none were as deeply divisive among your Jalopnik staff—and a lot of other people, too—than the 2017 Mazda Miata RF, the new retracting targa coupe version of the brilliant new Miata.

See, on one hand, it’s a beautiful design with an eye-catching mechanism that’s a kind of 911 Targa for poors. On the other hand, it’s heavy and complex (it may add as much as 200 pounds to the car), and isn’t that the opposite of what the Miata is supposed to be?


I side in the former camp, as does Mike Ballaban; Raphael Orlove is unconvinced by the car. And they had a vigorous debate about the car at the show yesterday. We recorded it on one of our fancy new Facebook Live videos, and you can watch it here.

Where do you land on the RF?

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