Is The 2013 Nissan Sentra Boring Enough To Be A Success?

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For its newest generation, the 2013 Nissan Sentra is skipping the facelift and getting the full on Michael Jackson. The all new car has a laundry list of new features, and they stretch from the nose to the tail. It's lighter. It's economier. It's upscalier. It's LEDier. It also looks like the lovechild of the new Altima and a Lexus IS. And it's boring.


Nissan says that the new car drops 150 pounds compared to the last generation car. which lets it get 34 MPG combined. It touches 40 MPG on the highway.


While it's lighter and more efficient, it has also grown in size, which is one trend that carmakers can't seem to stop. Soon the Maxima will legally be considered a yacht and they'll need something even smaller than the Versa in the lineup.

The Sentra will have Nissan's CVT and the exterior styling will be accented by the de rigeur LED lighting package. The interior is supposed to be more upscale. A nav system is optional, and it also comes with apps like Pandora as well as a speech-to-text one that allows you to text while driving. Sounds like something for millennials to us!

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The bad news is that it's boring. It has all the features that have been in other cars, including Korean cars, for years. It's all wrapped up in an inoffensive body that could be nearly any car on the road. But, as Toyota has proved, beige is boring, but it sells. At least this car comes in a handsome blue.

Is the new Sentra boring enough to be a hit for Nissan?

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LED lights are right out of "Mr. Pine's Purple House." I drive a car with them and am ashamed when I do. I suspect they won't hurt this car with its intended market though. Maybe this will encourage premium automakers to stop the stupid fad. It's run its course when you see it on Sentras. Maybe they'll go the same way as clear lens ghetto tail lights. One can hope. No matter. This is a less silly looking Sentra that may well be class competitive. The worst thing for Nissan is the lack of repeat customers. I know lots of one-time Nissan owners, none that buy a second one. Nissan is the Japanese VW.