Is Ram Bringing The Dakota Small Pickup Truck Back, On A Fiat Platform?

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At least one awkwardly-lifted and heavily camo'ed Fiat Strada has been spotted testing in Michigan, with what looks like the shape of a Ram grille blocked out on the face. Could a new Dakota be the next utilization of Chrysler's "relationship" with Fiat?


A powerpoint slide at at the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles "five-year plan briefing" did reveal a new "mid-sized pickup" slated for the North American market in 2016. I dared to dream it might come to fruition as a Jeep but it makes a lot more sense that FCA would brand their ported Fiat unibody truck as a Ram.


The car spies at KGP are convinced this tester was a diesel; which could make a very enticing proposition for people wanting a high-efficiency small-footprint pickup here in the US. Check out some photos and speculation on

Hat tip to Erik! Image: Fiat (That's a 2013 Strada)

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This appears to be FWD based. Given the long trailing arms and no visible axle or half shafts. it also looks like the coild are right in front of where they would be going into the hub assembly, so it looks like FWD only in this configuration. That and the strada is FWD only. Not that a small diesel FWD truck is a bad thing, per se.