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At least one awkwardly-lifted and heavily camo'ed Fiat Strada has been spotted testing in Michigan, with what looks like the shape of a Ram grille blocked out on the face. Could a new Dakota be the next utilization of Chrysler's "relationship" with Fiat?

A powerpoint slide at at the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles "five-year plan briefing" did reveal a new "mid-sized pickup" slated for the North American market in 2016. I dared to dream it might come to fruition as a Jeep but it makes a lot more sense that FCA would brand their ported Fiat unibody truck as a Ram.


The car spies at KGP are convinced this tester was a diesel; which could make a very enticing proposition for people wanting a high-efficiency small-footprint pickup here in the US. Check out some photos and speculation on

Hat tip to Erik! Image: Fiat (That's a 2013 Strada)

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