Is Quattro Really The Best AWD System?

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Screenshot: Tyre Reviews

It’s going to be properly cold soon, and that nasty white stuff is going to start falling from the sky. There is a chance that you might want a vehicle with four driven wheels to help you accelerate away from a stop and maneuver through corners. This is the alleged impetus behind a lot of people I know purchasing SUVs and big pickups. But what if you just want a comfortable sedan from a European brand that is somewhat fun to drive? Do you get the Audi with Quattro, the Bimmer with xDrive, or the AWD Jag?

Thankfully Tyre Reviews on YouTube is here to do the hard work of scientifically testing these three mid-sized sedans for competence when the weather becomes inclement. These champions took the three vehicles to Nokian’s winter tire testing facility. Conveniently, the three cars are fitted with the same Nokian Hakkepelliita tires, generally considered to be among the best winter tires available.

Each of these cars were tested in snow acceleration, ice acceleration, uphill traction in snow, and a snowy handling course. Testing included a few runs with traction control on and off, and each car in each lane in keeping with the scientific method to reduce the number of variables.


So which is better? Watch the video to find out. It’s well worth your time if you’re thinking about any of these vehicles.

I grew up in Michigan and have seen my fair share of shitty snowy days. The number one factor in winter driving is the tires, which can make all the difference. With a nice set of snow tires I drove a Crown Victoria with plenty of traction to stop, turn, and accelerate basically as well as I wanted. Even if you have a good AWD system, you need good tires to take full advantage.