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The Nissan GT-R has been the last word in Japanese performance cars for ages. The latest generation car, the R35, is a world-beater.

This is a car that just does things it shouldn't be able to. It's faster than cars that cost three times as much and weigh more. Simply put, it's a marvel.


But today, rumors have started swirling that the next generation GT-R is yet to be approved by CEO Carlos Ghosn and may not enter production. This is a bad thing.

But is Nissan stupid enough to kill off the GT-R? I sure hope not.

The car has earned a loyal and devoted following across the globe. And in a lineup that is dominated by exceedingly boring cars, other than the Z, the GT-R shows that Nissan can build a truly amazing, world-beating product. It makes you forget that the Murano Cross Cabriolet exists.

What do you think? Will Nissan end up approving a GT-R or are they going to let Godzilla ride off into the sunset?

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