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Last year, Mercedes-Benz announced a deal to buy 5 percent of Aston Martin that will put an AMG engine under the hood of your next Vantage. Now there's rumblings that Mercedes could take that relationship to the next level.


It's not easy being a small, independent manufacturer in today's globalized world, even if you have the prestige Aston has. Since being sold by Ford (although Ford apparently kept the grille) they have lacked a large partner to back them up.


Now, rumors are circulating that Mercedes could buy Aston outright, according to the UK's Autocar. AMG is already making a twin-turbo V8 for the next Vantage, and both companies have discussed platform sharing as well. Going all in for Mercedes could make sense. It wouldn't be the first time the Germans bought a famous British marque.

Daimler chairman Dr. Dieter Zetsche certainly didn't dispel these rumors in an interview:

"This is a fantastic brand, and we are willing to support its further development," Zetsche said cryptically. He added that Aston had offered the CEO's job to three individuals and had been rebuffed by two but now had a third in prospect.

Other good news, if you think this sort of thing is good news, is that the move could open up a new opportunity for an Aston Martin Lagonda SUV based on the Mercedes GL platform. Finally, wives of rich soccer players have something to look forward to!

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