Is It Smart To Drive A Smart?

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Living near the border between predominantly gay and urban-chic neighborhoods we've seen more than our fair share of the 2008 Smart ForTwo. People must have assumed they were safe, and the Smart ForTwo crash test results support these assumptions (as do the unofficial Smart ForTwo crash test results). But just because it's safe doesn't mean we'd want to drive one (well, maybe a Smartuki or an Ultimate 112). Putting aside safety and style, there are a few factors here to give us pause.


For instance, we're not huge on the fuel economy, which is just 38 mpg under ideal driving conditions. Drive any faster and the mileage drops even further. Then there's the price. Would you pay $18,500 for a fully loaded Smart convertible? It would be pointless to list the other vehicles you could have with that level of gas-gulpage for that price given that, if you're buying a ForTwo, you probably have a little more disposable income on your hands than most. And the speed? You'll get to 60 mph from a cold start in... well... bring a book. All that being said, we like the idea of a car we could park almost anywhere. It certainly has a unique look. And hey, 38 mpg isn't that bad. What say you?


Rob Emslie

I haven't actually driven one, but everything I hear says the tranny is lethargic and sucks what little power the triple-threat engine produces. I like that I just wrote a sentence that includes the words 'tranny' and 'sucks'. I love being emotionally stunted.

Anyway, I like the compact dimensions (I also like the 5th Dimension because there's always one less bell to answer) but as noted previously, I need more than 2 seats in a daily driver. Comparing the cost of a Smart to, say a Nissan Versa - which seems to be a pretty nice cheap car- I don't see much reason to buy the Smart. And as far as two-seaters go, there's a lot of Miatas out there for under 15-large.

That being said, the people I do see driving the Smart are typically hipsters and Emo girls, so if you're into that, more power to you. I guess it is nice if your car matches your pedicure.

BTW, been gone for a while ( geez, LA County Sheriffs rally can't take a joke!) and I notice that Gawker Media has ONCE AGAIN changed the commenting structure. Keeping my fingers crossed it works in Safari. Hope the new hamsters are working out for you all.

Wow, that was an unnecessarily long post for such a short car. Too much coffee!