Is It Impossible For F1 To Design A Pretty Car Anymore?

Formula One fans have been waiting breathlessly for this year. Finally, we get bigger tires, bigger wings and a return to classic looks from bygone years. Or, uh, not.


Another one of 2017's new F1 cars debuted today, the Sauber C36 Ferrari, following Williams.

This is the second new F1 car we’ve seen out of the full field.


The disappointment on my end is that it still looks like the last crop off butt-ugly F1 cars we’ve suffered through the past few years.


The front wing is just as busy as before. The sides are just as lumpy as before. The nose still is shaped like a penis.


Ultimately, this Sauber still looks like a series of compromises and small solutions within regulated confines, which it probably is. To keep teams even and affordable, F1's regulations tightly defines how cars can be shaped, and the cars usually end up looking like blocks of maximum widths here and minimum heights there. That’s why we have the dick noses, for instance.


Maybe F1 can never go back to largely clean-sheet design. It could be too expensive, too fast, too unsustainable. Maybe it’s impossible to have a pretty car at the top of motorsports anymore.

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