Looks like a race in Canada went full Mario Kart over the weekend—not only does one kart leap straight over a competitor, it sticks the landing and keeps cruising!

Uploader S-ONE says this went down at Ontario, Canada’s Goodwood Kartways on May 21st. That’d mean this took place in Round 1 of the Eastern Canadian Karting Challenge.

We’re not totally sure how this second kart got airborne, but our resident racing adviser Stef Schrader tells me it may have picked up off a wheel.

I suppose it’s possible that the flying kart came up from the rear, hit the camera-kart’s tire and somehow got air off that?


Here’s what a little more of the day looked like, in slightly less grainy footage:

Looks a lot more exhausting than the Kart2Kart kind of action I’m used to.