Is Google's New Car Search Tool Jalop-Proof?

Messing with new car search tools is fun. As someone who knows about lots of new cars and is a fan of sometimes-odd combinations, it's a good time watching what Internet fairies suggest you should buy, right?

Well, Google has a new car tool. It currently has some bugs that make it difficult if you're searching for something obscure, as Jalops will.


Green Pig has a situation that would definitely test its limits, even if it's working properly:

Larry Page: "How's the roll-out our new car-pricing ap going?"

Mid-level Google Employee who probably makes 10x more money and has better bennies than me with half the stress of my job: "It was going great at first sir, then all of a sudden we received 734,190 requests for pricing on 'Dark Brown, rear-wheel-drive, four-cylinder diesel-powered station wagon with a manual transmission.'

Larry Page: "And?"

Google Employee: "Do you you remember the episode of Star Trek where Spock tried to shut down the M-5 computer by asking it to calculate the value of pi?

Larry Page: "Yes, episode number 53, 'The Ultimate Computer.'"

Google Employee: "Well, all our servers are drawing so much power to find a response to a query that has no solution, the power grid in Northern California has collapsed and millions of people are without electricity."

Larry Page: "Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!! Excellent!"

Google Employee: "Nice imitation of Mr. Burns, sir. But because the servers are overloaded, no one has been able to access funny cat pictures for nearly two hours."

Larry Page: "Noooooooo!!!!!!

Google Employee: "Worse yet, our stock price has started to drop, you may want to re-think the carbon fiber trim option on your new Bentley."


At what point will it just give up and say, "Go outside and talk to an actual human"? There's only one way to find out.

Photos: GM, Google

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