Is Dystopia So Bad If We Get Badass Cars?

There's a new show coming this April to SyFy called Defiance that puts vaguely elven aliens and humans, together, on the same battle scarred earth. It's sort of like post-war Vienna without all the zither music and black-market trade in penicillin.


Actually, maybe there is a black market? The trailer for the show makes it clear that St. Louis is one of the few cities to survive a galactic war but things aren't that great. If there's one perk, it's that we get mean rides like this modified Dodge Charger.

Worth it.

In the future, all cars have smashed windshields and yet perfect headlights. The bodies are tarnished and rusty, but the car's key design features are perfectly preserved under bull-bars hastily made from a child's bed frame. Most of the features on this Charger are fairly common post-apocalyptic tropes, including the massive power dome on the hood.

Given the likely scarcity of fuel, I like to think this is because the Hemi V8 has been swapped for a massive Cummins diesel engine, which makes more sense in a future where oil refining isn't easy.


Would you rock this Charger on the other side of humanity?


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