Is Drag Racer Ashley Force A Crazy Cat Lady? A Jalopnik Debate

Ashley Force is an NHRA Top Fuel Funny Car drag racer, and an heir to the John Force drag racing dynasty. She also recently gave an interview to, in which she said she has owned eleven cats, one of which was named Licorice #2. I hereby posit that Ashley Force is a crazy cat person.


(Pictured: Ashley Force and her husband. Also, some guy wearing a white shirt.)

One Matt Hardigree, Editor in Chief of this very website, disagrees with me. He posits that no, Ashley Force is not a crazy cat person, and is in fact a very nice person.

It should also be noted, that Matt Haridgree, Editor in Chief of this very website, also owns a cat named William Jefferson Kitten.

Matt Hardigree is also a crazy cat person.

As a summation of my opening argument, here is a picture of Ashley Force. Ashley Force is in the middle. Ashley Force is holding a cat. That cat is wearing a sweater. A sweater that it most certainly did not put on itself.


I've used the Power of Kinja (TM) to invite Matt Hardigree, via Twitter, into the comments to debate.


Cat people.

Photos credit: Ashley Force

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