Is Autotrader Hiding Something In This Dukes of Hazzard Themed Ad?

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Autotrader decided that they needed to target the habitual cop-fleer and haystack-leaper vintage muscle car market and convince them to modernize their rides. To get that idea across, they secured the Duke boys and their famous whip, the General Lee. But it looks like they're avoiding a certain detail on the car.

Reader and "real Charger owner" Kevin sent us this tip, where he noted that the ad seems to be shot to avoid any overhead views of the car. And, when you think about what's on the roof of the General Lee, it's clear as to why. Showing that huge Confederate flag probably would have alienated a good number of potential customers, and it's likely Autotrader just figured it wasn't worth the hassle.

After all, it's not the first time the General Lee's headgear has caused some trouble.


Still, it's a bit odd. I mean, everybody knows what's on that roof. Maybe they could have picked some other vintage reckless-driving car that avoided the issue altogether? The Blues Brother's old ex-cop car comes to mind, but I guess having half that duo dead doesn't help.

What do you think? Anyone have a better suggestion for a car/team they could have used? Maybe Starsky/Hutch/Torino? I'm sure Autotrader is checking in here.