Is A Diesel-Powered Mazda Miata In Our Future?

Could you really stand the thought of a diesel Mazda Miata? Mazda engineers are apparently toying with the idea of the fourth-generation of the roadster, due in the next couple of years, being available with a super-efficient, yet totally uncharacteristic, engine.

That’s according to Autocar, at least, which wrote this week that the upcoming Miata – also engineered and built alongside the newest Alfa Romeo Spider – is being considered with one of the SkyActiv diesels trickling throughout Mazda’s lineup. Although the next-gen Miata is much more likely to have small SkyActiv gas engines, it sounds like engineers are looking for ways to add power and further improve fuel economy.


Maybe the thought of a diesel Alfa roadster is less controversial, but only because the previous GM-based Spider and Brera coupes were offered with Fiat four and five-cylinder diesels. To me at least, a five-pot turbodiesel Alfa Spider actually sounds kinda cool. And since the Alfa will supposedly get different engines than the Mazda, a Fiat diesel could be in the pipeline. But I couldn’t imagine a Miata having something like that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a diesel droptop, and something like the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible TDI makes perfect sense. Come to think of it, a TDI Beetle cabrio is probably more in keeping with the car’s image than the Turbo model. But the Miata is all about balance and lightness and a diesel version just doesn’t seem in keeping with the purity of the car. It is better than trying to fit some kind of hybrid system to it, though.

What do you think, Miata fans? Would you turn your nose up at the sight of a diesel Miata?

Photo: Mazda

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