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Is A Chevy Chevelle GM's Mystery Detroit Auto Show Concept?

Illustration for article titled Is A Chevy Chevelle GMs Mystery Detroit Auto Show Concept?

So we know that GM has some kind of a "surprise" concept they're bringing to next week's Detroit Auto Show. We're pretty sure it's a Chevrolet. But what else can we guess?


One source tells us he thinks it's a GMC concept. But we think that would be a better concept for, say, the Chicago Auto Show. No, we're told it'll be a Chevrolet. We're also pretty sure that it's a retro-styled compact-ish car. And by "compact-ish," I mean that it's smaller than a mid-size sedan but bigger than a toaster.

The big question now is what the name will be — if it is a Chevy. Chevelle's been popping up ever since the LA Auto Show two years ago where they showed us the concept styling buck for the Chevelle that never was. And then again ahead of last year's Chicago Auto Show.


GM also owns the trademark on "Chicane" as a vehicle name, for what that's worth.

We're interested to know what you've heard about this mystery concept — and what you think about either name if it is a Chevy small-ish car. Let us know in the comments.

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Just wear your damn mask...

My bet would be on Chicane. While the Chevelle name has some gravitas in GM circles, unless it is attached to a Chevrolet version of the Holden Commodore/Pontiac G8 I don't see name equity helping much. People who recall with fondness the Chevelle aren't going to be the same people in the market for a modern compact car.

That is of course if such a car is even necessary. The GM fans claim they want a small coupe that Chevrolet has lacked since the demise of the Cobalt. Is there a market still for compact coupes? How many different models does Chevrolet even need at this point?