Is A Bunch Of Scissor-y Doors Open Called A Flock?

There isn't a lot of point to doors that open up and away like the famous Lamborghini scissor doors or Mercedes gullwing ones. And there's absolutely no good reason they should be modified onto a Dodge Charger. No one wants to see that.

Stef Schrader got an eyeful of funny doors that weren't surgically implanted onto Honda Civics when she drove a McLaren 12C Spider at Circuit of the Americas. Also, it makes your face funny.


But what caught my eye was the photo with a bunch of 12Cs and their doors open. What does that make you think of?

You had the same thought I had, SPIEGEL, OPPO CITY GYM LEADER:


But really. Is it a flock of McLarens? A murder of Maccas? Oh, wait, a gaggle of gullwings.

I'm bad with the bird references, so what do you think? Trust me, it's a great use of time.


Photo: Thomas Endesfelder

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