Irmscher GT i40: An Opel GT With V8 Power

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Who says the Germans are always hung up on Bruce? Sure, the press release we just received from German tuning house Irmscher says "Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail" at the bottom; but the body of the message has an entirely different tone. Forget the standard weaksauce Ecotec 4-pot; it seems the German hordes have realized they coulda had a V8 in their Opel GT. So Irmscher is releasing their version of the wee little roadster made off the same assembly line as our Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice with a 480 PS (473 HP) 6.0-liter V8 of unspecified origin. We're sure the German Green Party will totally be happy. Full press release with all the hilarious German-English translation errors — like "V8 Power to be enjoyed" — after the jump. We're just going to sit here and dream of a V8 crammed between the rails of a Saturn Sky. Don't mind us.

On the occasion of our company's 40th anniversary in 2008: The Irmscher GT i40. V8 Power to be enjoyed

Irmscher constructs the GT for GourmeTs

It's the ingredients that make the difference! And here is the menu:
A 6,0l V8-engine with 480PS in an Opel GT-body for excellent driving performance.
Perfectly prepared and served à la maison.
For 40 now Irmscher has been providing proof of its competence in matters of vehicle construction and individualisation.
On the occasion of the company's 35th anniversary the most powerful and strongest of the Opel Vectras had caused a stir by reaching a speed of more than 300km/h. However, that which is emerging from the factory floors in Remshalden for the company's 40th anniversary is a vehicle for the true connoisseur: the Irmscher Opel GT i40. The figures in the model's number stand for the data of the company: Günther Irmscher senior started up in1968 in Winnenden with the first vehicle modifications. In the person of Günther Irmscher junior, the second generation is at the fore of the company in 2008 and is proof that 40 years of company history should be celebrated properly at this anniversary.
The Remshalden company is starting its anniversary with a world premiere in Geneva. Here, the GT will be making its first appearance and is sure to cause a stir at the company's stand in Hall 2.
V8-engine and a driving performance that puts it in the company of thoroughbred sports cars male the experts sit up and take notice and connoisseurs tingle with anticipation. As it is known that appearances also matter, the GT is optically enhanced by means of a discreet modification to the car body, and, on the interior with an exclusive leather fitting.
For desert, Irmscher serves the news that the vehicle is to be produced in a small series. The appropriate attention is being paid to this already. The menu therefore also exists in takeaway form.
The GT i40 currently stands in a long tradition of elect vehicles.V8-engines have always had an important role to play at Irmscher. In this line of history stand the Senator V8 and not least the successful races in the Omega V8 with the F1-driver Johnny Cecotto at the wheel, who was able to win the championship twice.
The models with the "i"".
Special models with the "i" in their name have always had their place in the company history. The GT i40 here lines up with a whole row of other vehicles, from the i120, i130, i200...via the i500 to the i35 which appeared for the company's 35th anniversary. At that time, a compressor helped enhance the performance of a V6-Motor. The result was the fastest Opel limousine in series production in the world. 5 years later it is a V8 that will cause a sensation in a Roadster.
All that remains to be said in conclusion is:

Dinner is served!

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.


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Ash78, voting early and often

I thought the Germans didn't really do ironic humor. So I assume they're serious. Which makes it even funnier.