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Irish Soccer Fans Dent Car Roof, Fix It Right On The Spot

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Irish soccer fans are the loudest, most obnoxious, most perfectly and wonderfully boisterous partiers on the entire planet. Fact. So when they messed up the roof of a French car while celebrating whatever the hell the UEFA Euro Cup is (a boxing match? A game of Monopoly?), they immediately started fixing it. Right there and then.

Well, actually, first they started trying to squeeze money through the door to pay for the repair, and then they just figured they’d bang it out using nothing but the power of friendship, joy, sports, and probably also a hell of a lot of alcohol.

At first I had no idea how the hell such a big dent got in the roof of a car to begin with, but Pundit Arena had the scoop:

When one over-eager Irish fan with a drum stood on a car in order to achieve higher ground over those below, he made a very obvious dent on the roof. Not to have this man’s actions go against the generally brilliant behaviour of the Irish in France, others in the vicinity engaged in a whip-round in order to pay for the damage caused to the unfortunate Lille native’s car.


Irish soccer fans really are the best. Here they are around the time of the game against Sweden, reminding the Swedes of what really matters:

And here they are helping an unfortunately stoic Hungarian reporter really GET IN TO THE SPIRIT:

God I love the Irish.