iPhone 3G Unveiled With Real GPS

All signs (and nightmares) have been leading to this as Apple has unveiled the first big revision to the iPhone, which will now include legitimate and true GPS utilizing Google Maps as the graphical user interface. The first iPhone included quasi-GPS, which is officially known as location based services that uses cell towers, and not satellites, to approximate your location. It also requires you to...


...click through each step as you progress towards your destination. Now the iPhone's map features will use location-based, Wi-Fi and real-boy satellite GPS for tracking. The 8GB iPhone 3G will have a price tag of $199, which can definitely compete with standalone GPS navigation units, like those available from TomTom and Garmin, plus you get a cell phone and much more. It will be available July 11. Check out more live coverage of all of the iPhone 3G announcements at Gizmodo.

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