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Thank the maker that we don't commute anymore. Monday, we took a ride up to Coonce's, thinking that we could avoid the 110 North/I-5 North interchange, which was designed sometime during the Paleozoic era, by taking the 47 over to the 710 to the 5. And then some jackass stuffed his semi at the 710/PCH interchange, causing a mile-long backup. Last night, returning from Malibu on PCH, some hoser cracked up his 530, causing at least a half-mile backup of revelers returning to more plebian parts of Los Angeles. But even without the wrecks, things are bad down here.

And then, let us talk of the 909. By and large considered the anus of the Greater LA area, it's full of clueless, wealthy suburban trash as well as poor, redneck suburban trash. Either way, it's by and large a cultural wasteland. That said, the 714's not much better, but at least Orange County has beaches. But there are jobs in the OC, and people commute. And they commute along the 91, which gets summarily choked. So what to do? Let's build a tunnel linking Irvine (in Orange County) to Corona (in Riverside County).


To us, that makes a lot of sense. Not that we ever really want to visit Irvine again ("Irvine" rhymes with "sucks"), much less drive to Corona afterward, but there are people in Orange County who are dead set against having any more corridors between the two areas, including Orange County Supervisor candidate Cathryn DeYoung, who has turned it into a hot-button issue in her campaign. Something, however, has to give. As we've said before, more telecommuting and a housing bust would help, but let's face it, LA's married to the car. Which means more roads. We are in dire need of more roads. So please, give us more roads. Just don't build them through Pedro. We've got the 110; it's enough. Feel free to widen PCH through the Beach Cities, though. We'd totally be down with that.

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