Introducing Jalopnik Gold!

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Times are tight for auto news outlets, ourselves included. New and creative ways of making ends meet are necessary. That's why we're pleased to announce Jalopnik Gold, our new subscriber-only section for true auto enthusiasts.

We're happy to announce today Jalopnik Gold is a new subscriber-only section of Jalopnik, available for only the most discriminating of auto enthusiasts. Pricing on this new section is available at competitive rates with other publications such as Crain's Automotive News, payable at either a monthly rate of $10.95, or at a discounted annual rate of $99.95.

Sure, you could read our regular free content front-page of Jalopnik, but why stop there. Especially when Jalopnik Gold offers so much more! Our new subscriber-only section is chock-full of special content you won't find anywhere else, including on the front page of Jalopnik. With exclusive content like web-chats with Jalopnik editors, daily e-mailed PDF version of Jalopnik perfect for printing and passing around to friends (limited passing privileges to up to ten friends only!) and a special embargo access-only section, we think it's a compelling argument for any true auto enthusiast.


Head on over and sign up today... before you miss another moment of Jalopnik Gold!