Introducing Invites, A New Feature We Just Added To Jalopnik

We're going to continue to roll out new features on the site designed to encourage conversation, and one of the projects I've most been excited about has just been added to Jalopnik. As of now, you can invite people into a conversation via Twitter through our "invites" project.

A full explanation of how it works is here, but the basic idea is you can now link a Twitter account to your Kinja account (if you haven't already) and invite someone into a post or discussion via Twitter.


The way the system works, if they don't have a Kinja account it'll quickly guide them through setting one up and recognize that they are, in fact, the person you invited to a conversation. Having a discussion on a post about Ian Callum? Why not invite Ian Callum into it?

This also has the benefit, for both discussions and posts, of recognizing who you were intending to talk to. Anyone who is invited will be promoted within a conversation you invite them to, or a post you create and invite them to participate in.

This is also a great format for setting up live blogs or debates (like we did here) with other users. There will also be uses for the system we never imagined.


So, shoot your questions here, or give it a try. We'll be expanding this feature out across Jalopnik and eventually Kinja-wide.

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