Intellichoice August Deals List Shows Toyota Corolla, Yaris Offering Cash Back

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Just how bad is the US vehicle market? Pretty bad when Intellichoice reports the relatively fuel-sipping Toyota Corolla and Yaris are selling with cash on the hood. Intellichoice, in a release accompanying their August Best Deals of the Month even goes so far as to say that "A Best Deals winner may be obsolete in 2010 due to the collapsing market." Ouch, and so long, Nissan Armada. Aside from Corolla and Yaris, this month's list includes the Chevy Silverado, Lexus GX, the aformentioned Nissan Armada and, don't look now, but smug is actually a really good value this August. In fact, the list contains several of the selections from yesterday's "compact vs hybrid" value shootout. Full release after the jump.

CAMPBELL, Calif.— (, the leading source for automotive ownership cost and value analysis, today announced its “Best Deals of the Month” for August for all cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. The monthly ranking reveals the ongoing impact of new car rebates and possible buying opportunities in vehicle classes that offer the best ones. “Despite the recent dip in gas prices, significant auto rebates still exist on many larger vehicles. The Nissan Armada beat the Toyota Land Cruiser on the strength of a $5,000 rebate, and the Nissan Quest’s $3,500 rebate makes it top in the minivan class,” said James Bell, publisher and editor of “An interesting fact is Nissan has quietly mentioned that the Armada may not continue production after early 2010. That is an indication of the new reality of this market and it’s impact on small cars.” Bell also noted that’s list of Best Deals for August shows opportunities across all classes of vehicles. “Lots of families are looking to make the switch to small cars, and it’s noteworthy that the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Yaris, two of the top smallest cars in our ranking and highly respected, both carry rebates. That demonstrates once again how important it is for buyers to do their homework. You never know where the deals might be, especially in this buyer’s market.” The Chevrolet Silverado, meanwhile, continues to do well in the Full-Size pickup truck classes, sweeping all six categories. “The Chevy Silverado has been a solid presence on the Best Deals’ lists for months,” said Bell. “However, we expect to see the close outs of the 2008 Dodge Ram and 2008 Ford F150 impact these classes as their all-new 2009 models roll into the market later this year.”’s “Best Deals of the Month” identify new cars, trucks, and SUVs with the best ownership cost value in 33 respective classes. Selections are based on current car pricing, market conditions and the lowest national manufacturer consumer new car rebate. In addition, uses the latest information from numerous automotive resources to evaluate what it costs to buy, own and operate each new model-year trim line over a five-year basis. The “Best Deals” for August 2008 ranked by vehicle type and size are: Subcompact Car Toyota Yaris Hatchback Compact Car over $17,000 Honda Civic Hybrid Compact Car under $17,000 Toyota Corolla Midsize Car over $21,000 Toyota Prius Midsize Car under $21,000 Toyota Prius Convertible MINI Cooper Convertible Luxury Convertible Audi A4 Convertible Near Luxury Car Lexus ES Luxury Car Infiniti M35 Large Car Toyota Avalon Base Sports Car Volkswagen R32 Sports Car Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Sport Sedan/Wagon over $38,000 Lexus GS Sport Sedan Wagon under $38,000 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP Compact SUV/Crossover Mercury Mariner Hybrid Midsize Crossover Toyota Highlander Hybrid Luxury Crossover Lexus RX 400h Small Wagon Toyota Matrix Midsize/Large Wagon Subaru Outback Wagon Intermediate SUV Hummer H3 Full-Size SUV Nissan Armada Luxury SUV Lexus GX Compact Pickup Truck 2WD Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab 2WD Compact Pickup 4WD Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab 4WD Full-Size Pickup 2WD 1/2 Ton Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Extended Cab 2WD Full-Size Pickup 2WD 3/4 Ton Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Extended Cab 2WD Full-Size Pickup 2WD One Ton Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Crew Cab 2WD Full-Size Pickup 4WD 1/2 Ton Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Extended Cab 4WD Full-Size Pickup 4WD 3/4 Ton Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Extended Cab 4WD Full-Size Pickup 4WD One Ton Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Crew Cab 4WD Minivan Nissan Quest Full-Size Van Ford E150 Cargo Van Chevrolet Express 1500 Cargo Van



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Rob Emslie

That 5-door Yaris makes the Matrix seem a bit redundant. I guess the Fremont-built car is a bit bigger inside tho.