Intact British Corvair Nothing Short Of Miraculous

You know how all the 30-year-old British Leyland vehicles in England dissolved into heaps of reddish powder long ago? That makes us wonder how in the hell it was possible for a 45-year-old Chevy Corvair- one of the all-time rustophilic cars ever built- to thumb its nose at the odds and remain all bright and shiny in Colchester, England. The aptly-named Rust-MyEnemy caught this '63 in a parking garage and had low-end phone camera at the ready; read his description after the jump.

Had just installed my car into a dent'n scratch-while-u-wait multi-storey car park, in Colchester (Britains oldest recorded settlement, fact fans), where I came across this here poorly photographed Corvair soft-top.

I have an exceedingly wondrous top-o'-the-line cellphone with a 5 megapixel camera. Tragically, while I still own it, it's current location is somewhere in the vicinity of Tokyo station. So, rather caught in the heat of the moment with a rare car (for the UK) snapping opportunity, I was forced to use whatever tools I had at my disposal. Enter my bottom-of-the-photographic-heirarchy Motorola with 0.3 (count 'em) megapixels.

I am aware that the results would have been better if I had sketched the car rather than photographing it, and that in this case the photos are worth nowhere near a thousand words. This 'Vair appears to be a daily driver. Is very well preserved, doesn't appear to be a show-queen.

And I want it.


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