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Racing Heroes – Brian RedmanHemmings


Another great look back from Hemmings.

Name a competitive sports racing car of the late 1960s and early 1970s, and chances are good that Brian Redman drove it. His resume includes time behind the wheel of the Ford GT40, the Porsche 917 and 908, the Lola T70, various Chevrons and McLarens and the Ferrari 312, to name but a few. The English driver spent time in Formula 1 as well, taking a single podium finish at the 1968 Spanish Grand Prix, but walked away from F1 contract offers to focus on sports car racing. He quit the sport he loved no less than three times, each time convinced he could start a new life outside of the dangers of motorsport. Fortunately, his retirements never lasted long, and Redman himself once said of racing, "It was the only thing I ever did that I could do reasonably well."

Toyota's new offensive's goal: Improvement, not sheer volumeAutomotive News


Great interview with our favorite hipster car exec.

President Akio Toyoda says Toyota Motor Corp. is finally ready to go on the offensive again, after being hobbled in recent years by such crises as the global financial meltdown following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, unintended acceleration recalls and Japan's killer earthquake.


Capsule Review: 2014 Rolls-Royce WraithThe Truth About Cars


Probably the most interesting and best Rolls Royce review you'll see.

As part of TTAC's reboot, we promised you, the readers, many things. One of them was "no more luxury car puff pieces". Jack and I had every intention of adhering to this rule as well, until our staff email inbox received a message from Rolls Royce Motorcars, asking us to come drive the all-new Wraith.


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