Inside Fernando Alonso's Last Race With Ferrari

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"My Last Race With Ferrari" is a fantastic Spanish documentary gives us a rare glimpse behind the scenes as Fernando Alonso goes into his final race with the team at Abu Dhabi. Alonso comes off not as the driving god we see on TV, but as entirely human: nervous, funny and kind.


Alonso takes us behind the scenes of his race weekend, into the paddock where he gets ready to race. He introduces us to the key players he'll miss at the Scuderia, discuses the added pressure that driving for Ferrari has on a driver and even admits that his mother doesn't like his beard.

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Most interesting of all is how everything related to the official announcement that Alonso is leaving is carefully planned and controlled. By the time Abu Dhabi rolled around, Alonso's move out of the team was among the worst-kept secrets in the paddock, yet his official farewell tweet had to wait until after the team got together to say goodbye and posted their own tweet on the matter. Such is the carefully planned life of a Formula One driver.

One drawback: it's a Spanish-language doc meant for Fernando's home country. Fortunately for the English speaking world, Redditors maclape and Alex_riveiro subtitled the entire documentary for the r/Formula1 board. Enjoy.

Here's part one of the two-part documentary:

Part 2 can be watched here.


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Just watched the first part. Fantastic insight into Fernando and the way race weekends go. I was already a Fernando fan but I like him more now.