Not all oil ships are city-sized ├╝bertankers. This small Russian oil transporter's capacity is around 132,000 gallons, or 3,145 or so barrels. Just imagine spending more than two minutes deployed on it, as you enjoy this photo walkaround.

English Russia says a used ship like this can be had for around $35,000, making it a natural for small oil operations. Or it can be cleaned out and used to transport orange juice or something. Just needs some sprucing up, of course.

Click through the gallery for a closer look at the "technology" involved before you sign up for a future riding the high seas towards Minsk.

Bah! Just one smoke. What could happen?


Here's the bridge, where the captain once pounded Moskovskaya commanded the proceedings.

Bunks in a four-berth cabin. No, Nikolai, I have not seen your hat.


The 12-cylinder diesel plant produces just 600hp but an untold bounty of torques.

The engine room. Probably didn't smell too much like diesel, right?


Hey cookie, where'd you hide the Pepto Bismolski?

Nikolai, pass the conditioner. Never mind. We are out.


The signs say, "Do not switch on! People are working!"

Naturally the ship has a proper Chadburn for the captain's engine orders. Except that in Russia, full steams ahead you!