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In many places across this great gas-guzzling nation of ours, public transit just isn't an option โ€” and if you're one of the growing numbers of folks with high debt โ€” most lenders won't even give you the time of day, much less cash to pay for a ride. And with no ride, you've got no job โ€” and with no job, you've got no family โ€” and with no family, you'll end up in a no-wheeled And nobody wants that. Well now hope comes in three... in three companies offering remote kill-switches for car buyers. We've talked about Payment Protection Systems down in Florida before, but now there's also PassTime and Pay Technologies โ€” all of whom claim to be the leader in the field โ€” with devices to allow even people with single-digit credit ratings the opportunity to get a car. The units all do pretty much the same thing โ€” connect to the starter and require input of a code to operate the car. If the driver misses a payment, they don't get a code or the car won't be allowed to start. Draconian though it may seem โ€” it sure as hell beats walking!

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