Insanity Is Rallying A Porsche 911RSR

I've got an idea! Let's take a car known for difficult to manage oversteer and race it flat-out on some windy, narrow rally tracks. Sounds insane? Well, it is, and this video can attest to that.

The car appears to be a rally prepped 993 RSR, and it's an absolute animal. While Porsche is most know for their prowess at the 24 Hours Of Le Mans, they're cars are equally at home on rally stages. There's something so right about a 911 ripping through the woods flat-out.


It makes me happy to know that there are some insane hoons out there, daring enough to eschew the traditional front-engined, 4WD rally car setup for some certifiably insane rear-engined RWD madness.

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