Subaru has been owning the Isle of Man TT car lap record for years, recently setting it in an almost-stock WRX STI. Now they’ve beaten the record again, twice, with driver Mark Higgins behind the wheel of a heavily-modified WRX STI.


On Saturday, two days before two riders would lose their lives on this same Snaefell Mountain course, Mark Higgins set a lap record of 17:49.75, beating his previous record-setting run of 19:15.88 in 2014 according to Autocar.

On Monday, Higgins set out for the the record again earlier in the day when the temperatures were more in his favor, beating his Saturday time by 14 seconds for a record lap of 17:35, averaging 128.72 mph.

Autocar has a video of the lap sourced from Subaru, who are working on a longer cut. Until then, enjoy:

Higgins and Subaru have another run planned on Friday, and if conditions are right, he just might beat himself yet again.


Still, the car’s lap record doesn’t compare to what the Superbikes are capable of setting, having dipped below the 17-minute mark just this past weekend.


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