There are few things I enjoy more than seeing strange things on a race track. Fortunately, there’s a new compilation of some of the most delightful oddities spotted on the Nürburgring’s infamous Nordschleife course, including trucks, the European version of the A-Team van, and even a car with a little car on top.

The Nürburgring is, at its heart, a one-way toll road when it opens up for tourist drives. Even cars that would make many track day organizers raise an eyebrow and/or give you the stinkeye are okay there. Cars even share track space with motorcycles. It’s semi-organized madness at its best.


So, when I see someone tackling the Nürburgring in a Suburban or a land yacht, it’s just the best.

The guy puttering along slowly on a delivery scooter might have more balls than brains, though. Kudos for keeping your blinker on to signal that you’re staying to one side, dude.

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