Holy crap, look at this turbodiesel-swapped Trabant 601 Deluxe. I don’t know if I’m listening to a car or an army of angry tractors bulldozing my house.

I’m coughing just looking at that giant black cloud of smoke, but it’s so ridiculous, it’s just amazing.


This chopped-down, widened drag racing Trabant isn’t waiting for anyone’s fix or buyout, that’s for sure. With 180 horsepower tucked into an ultralight Duroplast cotton-composite Trabi body, mother of torque, this engine swap simply breaks my brain in the best way.

According to Car Acceleration TV’s YouTube description, this was from the TTT Test & Tune in Finsterwalde, Germany, where it faces off against a Volkswagen Golf VR6 Turbo in the standing quarter-mile. Eat my soot, VW.

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