Innovations In The 24 Hours Of LeMons Judicial System: The Sarah Palin Penalty!

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You think Sarah Palin might have imagined, back in her Mustang Grande days, that one day there would be a racing penalty named after her? Strange the way one's life can take such twists and turns, eh? So, the way the Sarah Palin punishment works: First, the miscreant must don a camouflage mask, put on lipstick, and pick up a toy rifle. Next, raccoon urine is sprayed all over him or her (yes, really!). While carrying a baby doll, the miscreant must then find a stuffed bear hidden somewhere in the pits; upon hunting down- and presumably blowing the head clean off- the bear, the baby's diaper must be changed. We like it!

The hapless racer who got hit with the Sarah Palin Penalty ended up searching and searching for the stuffed bear, finally returning after quite a while… with a different stuffed bear! The LeMons Supreme Court took mercy on him and accepted the incorrect bear, however, and his team is back in the race now.