Infiniti's Big Fancy Electric Concept Broke Before It Could Even Debut

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Photo: Aaron Brown/Jalopnik

The Infiniti QX Inspiration concept is supposed to be leading the way for Infiniti, showing the bright electric crossover future to come. It was supposed to physically debut at the Detroit Auto Show. Instead, it couldn’t even make it out to all the waiting journalists.

Photo: Aaron Brown
Photo: Aaron Brown

“You can’t see it, but it is here,” the announcer gravely intoned, as the lights flashed and the music blared and yet.... nothing.


The car was supposed to roll out on stage, but couldn’t make it there under its own power, as it apparently was supposed to.

Infiniti tried to re-start the press conference, with the car all ready to go, but it still wouldn’t budge. Eventually they just closed the curtains again.

Video: Justin Westbrook/Jalopnik

Jalopnik social media editor Aaron Brown, also at the Infiniti stand, said that “Infiniti staff is huddled behind the wall nervously.” It’s okay, Infiniti, these things happen all the time. That’s the joy of doing it LIVE.


And besides, we all saw the thing 10 days ago anyway.

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