Infiniti IPL G Coupe: 348 HP Japanese Luxotourer

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The much-rumored Infiniti Performance Line launched today with the Infiniti IPL G Coupe, a slightly more aggressive version of the standard G37S with a tweaked 348 hp V6 and "lets go racing" look. But will it please the Infiniti enthusiast?


Our dreams of a twin-turbocharged AMG-slaying Infiniti were for naught, as Infiniti seems interested in upping its fun quotiant by just a few degrees. It'll feel faster, thanks to a new dual exhaust replacing the old Y-pipe and a tweaked engine management system designed to let the horsepower top out at 7,400 rpm. As for being any faster, the moderate power boost (16 hp and 6 lb-ft) isn't going to send anyone to the 'Ring breaking records, but this doesn't seem to be the goal.

Anyone who complains about this not being an M3 is missing the point almost as much as someone saying it is. With a close-ratio 6-speed manual with a short-throw shifter and a "sport-tuned suspension" this may finally unshackle what is a competent but restrained luxury coupe. The G37S coupe is a fine car, but it's lacked an aggressive character you can find in its competitors.

Performance specs to come, but the real challenge will be if it feels right.


There are Infiniti enthusiasts?