Infant Survives Being Ejected During Car Crash And Landing In A Storm Drain

Image via CNN/KSLA

An 18-wheeler clipped a car while changing lanes in Arkansas on Friday, causing the vehicle to flip over and eject an infant. The infant wound up in a storm drain 25 feet away with only a scratch on her head, reaching up for someone to pull her out of there. What a chill baby.

According to CNN affiliate KSLA, officials believe a truck sideswiped a car on the interstate in Texarkana, Arkansas. When the vehicle flipped over, CNN reports that the 8-month-old girl was ejected from the car and survivors of the wreck could not find her. Rescuers heard a sound while searching in the median, and found the child in a storm drain with only a minor scratch.

CNN reports that authorities think she rolled down the hill and into the storm drain, and it took three firefighters to pull her out. From CNN:

“The baby ... was sitting up and looking up at us waiting for us to pull her out,” Texarkana firefighter Josh Moore said.


Authorities told KSLA that the infant’s carseat was not properly installed and that she wasn’t properly restrained in her carseat, but no one received a citation for it. Authorities did cite the truck driver for an improper and unsafe lane change.

The child and four other people in the car went to the hospital, according to CNN. CNN reports that the only person remaining in the hospital as of Sunday morning was the driver, who was still recovering.

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