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So we totally were amazed at the pit stains down in Indy. We don't mean the oil spills in the pits where the racers get the new tires, fuel and what-not — although there was more than enough of that — instead, we're talking more about the arm-pit stains from the oppressive heat on race day and at the parade the day before. Well, it turns out it wasn't just wardrobe-wetting — it was deadly. James "vince" Vinson, the co-owner of a bar outside of Cincy was down at the speedway with friends. He decided to stay in the car for a bit after complaining of being a bit "tired."


His friends found him an hour later, slumped over the steering wheel, D.O.A. Note to self — If we're ever "tired" during a scorching-hot day in the infield of a two-and-a-half mile race track, remember not to head out to our sun-drenched oven of a car to cool off.

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