Indonesian Toyota Innova Apparently Getting Facelift

Not that we really knew what the outgoing model looked like, but apparently the Indonesian-built Toyota Innova is getting some minor cosmetic tweaks. Currently available only in exotic markets like India, Malaysia, and of course Indonesia, the Innova is a popular vehicle for those wanting a spacious 5-passenger MPV with a frugal gas or diesel engine. Though we still don't expect you to have heard of it, as even a half-Filipino automotive journalist such as myself wasn't aware that it's the best selling new vehicle in the Philippines until doing some research, keep in mind that spacious MPVs with frugal engines might suddenly be in demand in places other than southeast Asia.

Of course, we're just speculating while bringing you news of Toyota's worldwide models, but as more automakers go global with platforms, it's logical to think that we could see offshoots of vehicles like the Innova over here. In the meantime, if your Southeast Asian hotel is in the market for a new airport shuttle, you may want to wait for this new Innova to come out — at least so you can rub it in the face of all the commoners driving last year's model. [autoincar via]


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