Indiana Mayor Grows Up And Makes His Gigantic Reserved Parking Spot Into A Handicapped Space

The other week, the mayor of Logansport, IN created a gigantic reserved parking spot for himself after receiving a parking ticket.

But now it seems he's decided that move was childish and has turned it into a handicapped spot.


Mayor Ted Franklin received a parking ticket for leaving his "p***y magnet" yellow Corvette in a no parking zone outside the township building. The ticket was issued by AJ Rozzi, the former police chief. Coincidentally, Franklin had recently refused to hire Rozzi's son as a new member of the police force.

Franklin paid the $20 ticket and then had his own 400 square foot reserved parking space created, possibly as a way to stick it to Rozzi.

After attracting a lot of unwanted attention from national media, Franklin has now decided that it should be a handicapped spot instead. Not only did he find that he was getting even less work done because of all the phone calls and emails about the spot, but he said that it's time to "grow up" and start focusing on the "true needs [of the town] and stop playing the game."


Perhaps he realized that his duty is to serve the people of his town and not his own interests. What a thought.

(Hat tip to Bill!)

Photo Credit: via Corvette Bloggers

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